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Advanced Program for Professionals
Easy to use Progam for end users
Our Mission
To provide easy to use software for the Therapist and the Patient to aid with the recovery of patients with therapeutic needs, such as those with back or spinal injuries, Strokes, Brain Injuries and the like.
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Motor and Cognative Therapy

Neuroforma is a computer program for motor and cognitive rehabilitation created by neurorehabilitation and neuropsychology professionals. Neuroforma is designed for patients with neurological diseases and injuries. It's particularly suited for the rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis, those recovering from a brain stroke or brain injury.
Start Neuroforma on your computer at home:
  • Get motivated to exercise daily,
  • Boost your mental and physical fitness,
  • See the results.
Man Boxing with Neuroforma


It’s easy!
Start your computer and web camera.
Position yourself in front of your computer.
After starting the Neuroforma program you’ll see your image on the screen.
Depending on the exercise, you direct your image to catch, move, strike, or avoid objects appearing on the screen.
The camera registers your movements, and the computer monitors your progress.
Neuroforma is being created together with users, therefore it’s very user-friendly, that is you can easily use it even if you’re not computer literate.
Neuroforma+ with Safety Grid

With Neuroforma+ you now have the option to include Balance Platform, with a dedicated frame to support the user.
Neuroforma+ Because the safety of Patients is a Priority there is a custom designed safety grid which can be assembled in just a few seconds.

Balance activities will help patients with neurological conditions and physical dysfunctions resulting from accidents. Patients will improve their sense of balance by preserving correct motor patterns and strengthening of postural muscles.

The Neuroforma+ for Clinic package contains the following:
  • Over 25 excersise modules
  • Mirror therapy module
  • Patient base module
  • Excersise parameter adjustment module
  • Three directional adjustment module
  • Multimedia instructions module
  • Balance platform with safety grid (Neuroforma+)

Price List

May, 2017

Neuroforma Patient Software (to run on a home Laptop)
  • 7 Day - Free of Charge
  • 3 Months Trial - £140
  • 1 Year Subscription - £450 (1.23 pence per day)
Neuroforma Therapist Software:
  • 7 Day Trial - Free of Charge
  • 3 month Trial - £350
  • Full Version - 2995
  • Full System including all Hardware, set up and half day training sesssion - £9850

Neuroforma in the UK
Neuroforma Logo
Neuroforma.co.uk has been set up to assist with the distribution of Neuroforma products in the UK. Neuroforma.co.uk is not part of Titanis/Neuroforma.pl who are the manufacturers of the Neuroforma product in Poland.

Should you have any questions then we are available to answer them in any way we can.

You can download a demonstration version from this website to try Neuroforma for yourself and make contact with us if we can assist you with using Neuroforma.

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